Empanelled As ESCO With BEE
Awarded First as ESCO BY MEDA
Opel Energy Systems Private Limited
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Our Activities & Products

• Energy Conservation - Energy Conservation

• Energy Audits

Waste Heat Recovery On DG Sets - Ovens,

Air Preheater For Thermo-Pack.

• Fuel saving Devices for all Fuels.

• Flux Maxiox Fuel Saving Devices.

• Thermic Fluid Heating Systems.

Waste Heat Recovery On Furnaces.

• Insulation projects to avoid losses.

FO Emulsification Systems

• Heat Pumps

• Heat Pumps Dryers


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Company Profile

Established : May 2001

Objective :
Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established with a objective to do Business through improving customer`s business, by way of providing simple and cost effective solutions for energy savings through Waste Heat Recovery and Energy Conservation projects which are simple to implement, quick to execute and have lowest payback periods.
Today Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. has successfully executed more than 225 such projects helping industries save huge amount of energy costs by way of saving precious fuel energy.
That`s why our Tagline says ”WE SAVE ENERGY FOR NATION”.
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
Empanelled as ESCO with BEE
Awarded first as ESCO by MEDA
Over 200 Encon Projects in Last 12 Years
Rated by Crisil & ICRA
Product range (Manufacturing)
Waste Heat Recovery Systems on Ovens, Furnaces, D.G Sets
Biomass Briquettes/solid fuel fired Thermal Equipments
High Efficiency Thermal Equipments

Product range (Sales & Service )
Magnetic Fuel Saving systems
Heat Pumps
Heat Pump dryers
Services offered
Walk through Energy Audits
Thermal Insulations
Heat Resistant coatings
O & M of Solid Fuel fired systems.
An overview of wide spectrum of W.H.R.S. Projects executed :
Paint Baking Oven exhausts
Steam Boilers/Thermic Fluid heaters/Furnace exhaust
Air Pre heaters for Boiler/TFHs/Furnaces
D.G. Set exhausts
Conversion of Electrical Heating systems to fuel efficient systems
Conversion of Gas/FO fired systems to Solid fuel fired systems
Charge pre-heaters for melting furnaces
Range of temperatures handled : 120 Deg C to 750 Deg C
Range of capacities handled : 3 Lakhs Kcal/Hr to 30 million Kcal/Hr
However, having handled such a wide variety of applications, OESPL is complete geared up for executing projects involving even higher temperatures and capacities as well as other new applications.
FREE Service to Industry :
OESPL conducts FREE walk through Energy Audit in Industries to identifying simple & cost effective solutions for saving precious energy.
Turn-Key System capability :
OESPL has been executing almost all the projects on complete Turn-Key basis, giving a one stop solution to the customers. The speed of execution is un-parallel in industry and fast execution ensures immediate realization of savings for the customer.
Organisations and Institutions OESPL is associated with…
Maharashtra Energy Development Authority (MEDA): Winner of BEST ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY for consecutive 5 years.
Beauro of Energy Efficiency (BEE): OESPL is empanelled with BEE for encon projects as well as energy audits.
ISO 9001 certified by TUV….
Group Companies
Opel Engineers
Energy Audits
Energy Conservation Projects Proposals.
Supply Of Encon Products
Supply of Non Conventional Energy Product
Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Conservation Projects.
Thermal Efficiency Measurements & Up Gradation Schemes.
Waste Heat Recovery Equipments on D.G. Set Exhausts/Furnaces/Ovens.
Non-Conventional Energy Generation Project.
A) Solar Steam Generation Plant.
B) Solar Lighting Projects.
C) Bio gas Plants
Opel Agro Industries Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturing of Agro waste forestry biomass briquettes of high calorific value.
Supply of Biomass briquettes
Thrn key operational contracts for solid fuel fired thermal equipments in Industry.
Few of Our Customers:
Tata Motors Ltd. (Pune, Lucknow, Pantnagar)
Ashok Leyland (Hosur, Pantnagar)
Mahindra & Mahindra (Nashik, Mumbai, Zahirabad, Igatpuri)
Ford India Ltd. (Chennai)
Vokswagan India Ltd (Pune)
Honda Siel cars india ltd. (Noida)
Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Hindupur)
Minda Industries Ltd, (Chakan, Tamilnadu, Hosur, Hindupur, Bangalore)
Owens Corning India Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad)
Sterlite Industries Ltd. (Tuticorin, Silvassa)
Rockman Industries Ltd. (Haridwar, Bawal, Ludhiana)
R.A.K. Ceramics P.S.C, UAE
Fujairah Gold FZE (UAE)
The world is moving towards a sustainable energy future with an emphasis on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. A finite planet cannot support infinitely increasing consumption of resources and hence the motto of present times must be to "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE".
Energy has always been a vital resource in the development of any nation. The prosperity of a nation is measured in terms of per capita energy consumption.
Energy conservation is to monitor industrial energy consumption and to pin-point sources of wastage,
In the present energy scenario and the era industrial competition Energy Auditing has become a very important part of any industrial activity.
An Energy Audit Study helps an organization to understand and analyze its energy utilization and identify areas where energy use can be reduced, decide on how to budget energy use, plan & practice feasible energy conservation methods that will enhance their energy efficiency, minimize energy wastage and reduce energy costs.

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